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Can Now Come Forth

(A Brief Commentary. An indepth commentary should follow with additional information)

     The Antichrist, also known as the man of sin and many other names, was held back from being revealed until the Rapture had taken place.
     Once the Rapture happened, both the spirit of lawlessness was released from being somewhat held in check, and the one that would become known as the Antichrist came forth.

     Take note. Case in point: Time in heaven is much different than on earth.
     The Scriptures revealed that once the saints were raptured and met the Lord in the air, they were afterwards judged for rewards. Then they participated in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Then they are found before the throne of God in an almost indescribable scene. The saints then witness the 7 sealed book brought forth, but none were found worthy to open the seals.      Jesus takes it out of the right hand of God the Father. Then, one by one, He begins to open the seals. The first seal is opened. This was the Antichrist coming forth right after the Rapture.
     On earth, very little time had passed between the Rapture and the Antichrist coming forth, but in heaven many events had taken place during a fairly long length of time.
     Conclusion: time in heaven appears to be much different than time on earth.

     Following the Antichrist coming forth, an organization which we call the revived Roman Empire was taken over by this man of sin.
     This put him in a position to confirm a covenant with Israel and others, which would begin the Tribulation.

Additional Information on This Subject

     ✤Immediately after the Rapture happened, that which was holding back the spirit of lawlessness, as well as the Antichrist, from coming forth, was removed. Thus, the Antichrist could now come forth and be revealed‐ref 2 Thes 2:7,8. The Holy Spirit that indwelled the saints had been taken out of the way. As it was written, “HE” BE TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY. The saints that had received the gift of the Holy Ghost were removed by the Rapture.

     ✤The Antichrist came forth. As it was written, HE (the Antichrist) “MIGHT” BE REVEALED IN HIS TIME‐2 Thes 2:6; AND THEN “SHALL” THAT WICKED (the Antichrist, the lawless one) BE REVEALED‐2 Thes 2:8

     2 Thes 2:6‐12‐AND NOW YE KNOW WHAT WITHHOLDETH (or what is holding him back) THAT HE (the Antichrist) MIGHT BE REVEALED IN HIS TIME.
     FOR THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY (or secret power of lawlessness) DOTH ALREADY WORK: (or is already at work) ONLY HE WHO NOW LETTETH (or the one who now holds it back) WILL LET (or will continue to do so) UNTIL HE BE TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY.
     AND THEN SHALL THAT WICKED (or lawless one‐the antichrist) BE REVEALED,…
     AND THE PEOPLE (which were the Romans) OF THE PRINCE THAT SHALL COME (which was the Antichrist) SHALL DESTROY THE CITY (which was Jerusalem) AND THE SANCTUARY‐Dan 9:26.
     The Romans were the ones that came and destroyed Jerusalem back in 70 AD.; thus, this is where the man of sin had to come from. He came forth from Rome, a city that sits on seven mountains.

(The Bible had foretold much about the Antichrist)
(We want to include additional information on some topics, as we proceed with this Universal News Broadcast)

     The man of sin (that is, the Antichrist) was called in the Scriptures by many names. Some of his characteristics are also given here:

     ✤He came forth out of the revived Roman Empire‐ref Dan9:26
     ✤He comes in his own name‐Jn 5:43
     ✤He had no DESIRE OF WOMEN‐Dan 11:37 (indicates he is single and may also indicate he desires men)
     ✤He had the characteristics of his father, Satan: very evil, a skillful liar, deceitful, cunning, and persuasive‐ref Gen 3:15
     ✤He is called as a beast that rises out of the sea‐Rev 13:1
     ✤666 is the number of the beast, it is the number of a man‐Rev 13:18
     ✤He is called a king of fierce countenance‐Dan 8:23
     ✤He is called a man‐Rev 13:18
     ✤He is called another king‐Dan 7:24
     ✤He is called another little horn‐Dan 7:8
     ✤He is called another…king‐Dan 7:24
     ✤He is called as another king that shall rise after them‐Dan 7:24.
     ✤He is called death‐Isa 28:15, 18
     ✤He is called falsehood‐Isa 28:15
     ✤He is called “he” in many verses
     ✤He is called “him” in many verses including Rev 13:5
     ✤He is called “him” ye will receive‐Jn 5:43
     ✤He is called “him,” whose coming is after the working of Satan‐2 Thes 2:9
     ✤He is called “him”…(that) had a bow‐Rev 6:2
     ✤He is called lies‐Isa 28:15
     ✤He is called like a frog‐Rev 16:13
     ✤He is called of iron‐Dan 2:33,35,41,42,45
     ✤He is called that horn‐Dan 7:20
     ✤He is called that wicked‐2 Thes 2:8
     ✤He is called the Antichrist‐1 Jn 2:18
     ✤He is called the beast‐Rev 13:1,3,4,14,15,17,18; 16:13; 17:7,8,12,13,16; Dan7:11
     ✤He is called the bed‐Isa 28:20
     ✤He is called the covering‐Isa 28:20
     ✤He is called the desolate‐Dan 9:27
     ✤He is called the eyes of a man‐Dan 7:8
     ✤He is called the first beast‐Rev 13:12
     ✤He is called the fourth beast (a kingdom, also a king)‐Dan 7:7,23
     ✤He is called the fourth king‐Dan 7:17
     ✤He is called the hiding place‐Isa 28:17
     ✤He is called the horn‐Dan 7:11
     ✤He is called the king‐Dan 11:36
     ✤He is called the little horn‐Dan 7:8
     ✤He is called the man of sin (or lawlessness)‐2 Thes 2:3
     ✤He is called the other…horn‐Dan 7:20
     ✤He is called the other…king‐Rev 17:10
     ✤He is called the prince that shall come‐Dan 9:26
     ✤He is called the profane, wicked prince of Israel‐Ezek 21:25
     ✤He is called the refuge of lies‐Isa 28:17
     ✤He is called the rider on a white horse‐Rev 6:2. White can symbolize purity, or peace, or victory. However, in this case, it represented the Antichrist, which was a counterfeit of these things. Of Satan, it is written: SATAN ‐ MASQUERADES AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT‐2 Cor 11:14.
     ✤He is called the same horn‐Dan 7:21
     ✤He is called the son of perdition (or son of Satan)‐2 Thes 2:3
     ✤He is called the spirit of (a) devil‐Rev 16:14
     ✤He is called the unclean spirit‐Rev 16:13
     ✤He is called this horn‐Dan 7:8
     ✤He is called thy seed (or Satan's seed)‐Gen 3:15
     ✤He is called with hell‐Isa 28:15,18
     ✤He is included in those that are called the spirits of devils‐Rev 16:14
     ✤He is the son of Satan‐ref Gen 3:15
     ✤He shall honor Satan‐Dan 11:38
     ✤He shall magnify himself‐Dan 8:25; 11:37
     ✤He was a Jew, from one of the tribes of Israel‐ref Dan 11:37,38
     ✤He was a king of fierce countenance‐Dan 8:23,24
     ✤He was able to lie and deceive the masses‐ref Rev 13:8
     ✤He was called an Assyrian‐ref Mic5:6; Isa30:31
     ✤He was good looking, but his look was very intimidating, even scary‐ref Ezek 28:12
     ✤He was supernaturally intelligent, quick to sieze, powerful, bold, very proud, boastful, confident, with a very stout or intimidating look‐ref Dan 7:20,8:25; 11:37; Ezek 28:12; Rev 13:2
     ✤He was THE BEAST…WAS, AND IS NOT‐Rev 17:8,11.
     ✤THE BEAST…YET IS‐Rev 17:8.
     ✤THE BEAST…IS THE EIGHTH‐Rev 17:11.
     ✤THE BEAST…IS OF THE SEVEN‐Rev 17:11 (The seven are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo‐Persia, Greece, the Roman Empire, and the revived Roman Empire.)
     ✤He was very charismatic and dynamic
     ✤He will have the wisdom of his father Satan and a gift of speaking to persuade people that no man has ever had since Jesus
     ✤He will understand the things of darkness (dark sentences)‐Dan 7:11,20; 8:23
     ✤His age was between 30 to 50, when he comes forth‐ref Lk 3:23
     ✤Many were positive that he was wonderful, truthful, and that he was the Christ, even God‐Rev 13, 2 Thes 2:4
     ✤Satan gave his son power, his seat, great authority‐Rev 13:2; Rev6:2; Dan 8:23,24

     Some repeated previously:
     ✤The Antichrist was LIKE…A LEOPARD‐Rev 13:2 (he is quick to seize)
     ✤The Antichrist was:very powerful. HIS FEET WERE AS THE FEET OF A BEAR‐Rev 13:2
     ✤The Antichrist: HIS MOUTH AS THE MOUTH OF A LION‐Rev 13:2 (he is proud and boastful)
     ✤The Antichrist had THE EYES OF A MAN‐Dan 7:8 NIV
     ✤The Antichrist had a LOOK WAS MORE STOUT THAN HIS FELLOWS‐Dan 7:20
     ✤The Antichrist had A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS‐Dan 7:8; ref Dan 7:20
     ✤The Antichrist spoke great words‐ref Dan 7:11
     ✤The Antichrist had an UNCLEAN spirit like a frog‐Rev 16:13
     ✤The Antichrist had a spirit of a devil‐ref Rev 16:14,13
     ✤The Antichrist had…SEVEN HEADS AND TEN HORNS‐Rev 17:7

In many ways, the Antichrist tried to duplicate Jesus.

The trinity of God: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.
The trinity of Satan: Satan, the Antichrist, the False Prophet.
Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead.
The Antichrist was killed with a weapon and came back to life‐Rev 13:3,4,12‐14.
Jesus did great miracles.
The Antichrist and False Prophet did great miracles.
The Holy Ghost came upon the virgin Mary, and the power of the Highest overshadowed her; and Jesus, the Son of God, the Christ was born.
It appears Satan caused a woman to become pregnant; and thus the son of Satan, called the Antichrist, was born.
Jesus was a Jew.
The Antichrist was a Jew.
Jesus claimed to be God.
The Antichrist claimed to be God.
Jesus honored his Father in heaven.
The Antichrist honored his father, Satan.
Jesus entered Jerusalem.
The Antichrist entered Jerusalem.
Those that followed Jesus worshipped Him.
Those that followed the Antichrist worshipped him.
Jesus shall rule the world.
The Antichrist ruled the world for three and a half years.
Jesus shall rule from Jerusalem.
The Antichrist shall rule from Jerusalem.
Jesus is truth.
The Antichrist was deceit and lies.
Jesus is love.
The Antichrist was hate.
Jesus gives life.
The Antichrist gave death.
The Holy Spirit guides a person to truth.
The False Prophet guided a person to deceit.
The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus, and Jesus glorifies His Father.
The False Prophet glorified the Antichrist, and the Antichrist glorified Satan.
The saints were sealed with the Holy Spirit.
The followers of the Antichrist were sealed with the mark of the beast.

     As already covered, this put him in position to confirm (or sign) the covenant (or agreement, or treaty) with Israel and others. THE PRINCE THAT SHALL COME (the Antichrist) came forth out of the people, who destroyed the city (Jerusalem) and sanctuary‐ref Dan 9:26. This was the Roman Empire. It happened approximately 70 A.D. Daniel′s image also confirms this‐ref Dan 2:33, 40‐43, as do many other passages in Daniel and in the Revelation.
     Revelation chapters 17 and 18 described such an empire, which fit the reunited Europe perfectly, of which, the man of sin took control. In the process, he plucked up, or caused to fall, or overthrew three kings (rulers or representatives of nations) because they opposed him.
     The ten kings, or rulers, had not yet received a kingdom and had not yet begun to rule, but they received authority as kings for one hour with the Antichrist. They then handed over their power or authority to the Antichrist.

     It was written, THE (former) BEASTS THAT WERE BEFORE IT; AND IT HAD TEN HORNS. The horns represented kings, rulers, or representatives, which seem to represent nations. I CONSIDERED (or while I was thinking about‐NIV) THE HORNS (or kings, or rulers), AND, BEHOLD, THERE CAME UP AMONG THEM ANOTHER LITTLE HORN (which is the Antichrist). He is described as a little horn, but becomes the greatest. From among the ten kings, rulers, or representatives, the Antichrist comes up.
     BEFORE WHOM (or before the Antichrist) THERE WERE THREE OF THE FIRST HORNS (or kings, rulers, or representatives) PLUCKED UP BY THE ROOTS. The three were removed, or dismissed.
     Of the three that were removed, it was written, AS CONCERNING THE REST OF THE BEASTS, THEY HAD THEIR DOMINION TAKEN AWAY (or had been stripped of their authority‐NIV): YET THEIR LIVES WERE PROLONGED (or they were allowed to live) FOR A SEASON AND TIME (a year and a half)‐Dan 7:12.
     AND, BEHOLD, IN THIS HORN (which is the Antichrist) WERE EYES LIKE THE EYES OF MAN, AND A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS (or that spoke boastfully)‐Dan 7:7,8. The Antichrist will be the most evil person ever to walk the earth. He will have the wisdon, power, cunning, and craftiness of his father Satan.

     AND (I also wanted to know‐NIV) OF THE TEN HORNS (or kings, rulers, or representatives) THAT WERE IN (or on) HIS HEAD, AND OF THE OTHER WHICH CAME UP (which is the Antichrist), AND BEFORE WHOM THREE (of them) (three of the kings, rulers, or representatives) FELL (or were dethroned, or dismissed) as a result of the Antichrist. EVEN OF THAT HORN THAT HAD EYES (which is the Antichrist), AND A MOUTH THAT SPAKE VERY GREAT THINGS (or boastfully). The Antichrist's speech was full of pride and boastfulness. And his LOOK WAS MORE STOUT (or more imposing, or intimidating) THAN HIS FELLOWS.
     AND THE TEN HORNS OUT OF THIS KINGDOM ARE TEN KINGS (or rulers, or representatives) THAT SHALL ARISE (or who will come from this kingdom): AND ANOTHER (king) (which is the Antichrist) SHALL RISE AFTER THEM. The Antichrist shall arise, or come forth, after the ten kings.
     AND HE (the Antichrist) SHALL BE DIVERSE (or different) FROM THE FIRST (or earlier ones). The Antichrist will be different than the other kings, rulers, or representatives. (Note: this is because his father is Satan). AND HE SHALL SUBDUE (dismiss, unseat, or destroy in some manner) THREE KINGS-Dan 7:20,24.
     AND THE TEN HORNS (which are mentioned in Rev 17:7,3) WHICH THOU SAWEST ARE TEN KINGS. Thus, the ten horns, which the beast has, represent ten kings, WHICH HAVE RECEIVED NO KINGDOM AS YET (or who have not yet‐NASB) (begun to rule); BUT RECEIVE POWER (or authority) AS KINGS (for) ONE HOUR (along) WITH THE BEAST (or the Antichrist)-Rev 17:12. These ten horns or kings are believed to represent ten nations or ten areas.

THESE HAVE ONE MIND (or one purpose), AND SHALL GIVE THEIR POWER (or hand over their power) AND STRENGTH (or authority) UNTO THE BEAST (or Antichrist)-Rev 17:13.

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